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Shenyang Jinggong enterprise, one of the most professional waterblocking tapes manufacturers in China, has exported its tapes to all over the world since 2004.

There have five big catalogues and more than ten kinds of products: Non-conductive waterblocking tapes, Semi-conductive waterblocking tapes, Semi-conductive tapes, waterblocking yarns and other tapes, have won the highest prestige in cable making area at home and abroad, and this makes Jinggong as the first choice if customers buy waterblocking tapes.

Providing super quality, competitive price is the object of JINGGONG!

Making friends through all over the world is the direction of JINGGONG!

May JINGGONG Tapes connect all of us!


China. Jinggong enterprise provides semi-conductive and non-conductive series screen coring tape based on high-tech production which was created by shenyang industry university. There are  five big categories, and more than ten kinds of products have won the highest prestige in cable making area at home and abroad, and this makes Jinggong as the first choice if customers buy water blocking tapes.


Analyzed for many years, the company has summarized a corporation culture tenet which was identified and abide by all of our staff. It also has the strict scientific management system and self-contained, modern and interational manufacture model. It insists of implementing the international stratagem in all ways and has established a world competitive high-tech, manufacturing and serving net and achieved "trinity" goal at home and abroad. Jinggong is going to develop a multilateral relationship with MNC and provide advantages to our partners and share our resources and development together with them. Now Jinggong has socialization action stratagem all over the world in production and selling transportation and manufacturing system.


Amalgamate capital, wisdom and thinking together. The developing Jinggong enterprise dedicates to satisfy the need of our customers and is taking big strides in international road.

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